Indyref: Tory bid to block Sturgeon's referendum statement fails

An attempt by opposition MSPs to block Nicola Sturgeon from making a statement at Holyrood on her plans for a second independence referendum has failed.

Nicola Sturgeon is to update MSPs on her referendum plans
Nicola Sturgeon is to update MSPs on her referendum plans

Tory MSPs sought to oppose a change in Holyrood's business for Wednesday which would have stopped the First Minister from making her address on Scotland's future. Ms Sturgeon is seeking to set out the way forward for the country in response to the chaos of Brexit.

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Indyref2: Nicola Sturgeon seeks ‘inclusive’ tone in referendum address

“These are the things that really matter: schools, the economy, hospitals," he said.

“If Nicola Sturgeon wants to give a statement, not about schools, the economy or hospitals – but about a second independence referendum - then she is making her priorities absolutely clear.

“So let me be equally clear: we want to move on from the SNP’s constitutional grandstanding, and get back to the things that matter to the people of Scotland."

He added that there was a "widespread expectation" that the statement would be made, including a specific undertaking to Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie.

""We will take no lessons from the Tories in getting on with the day job," Mr Dey added.

MSPs eventually voted 83-31 in favour of the change to business, allowing Ms Sturgeon's statement to go ahead.