‘Indy campers’ allowed to appeal eviction order

The illegal campsite by the Holyrood Parliament. Picture: TSPL
The illegal campsite by the Holyrood Parliament. Picture: TSPL
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A civil judge has fixed a two-day appeal hearing for independence campaigners fighting attempts to have them evicted from outside the Scottish Parliament.

Judge Lord Malcolm told the so-called Indy campers yesterday that proceedings would be held at the Court of Session in Edinburgh on October 19 and October 20.

The Scottish Parliamentary Corporate Body won the right to evict the nationalists from their permanent camp outside Holyrood in a judgement issued by Lord Turnbull last July.

The judge ruled it would not breach the human rights of campaigners for them to be moved on from the camp.

The Independence campers believe Lord Turnbull’s judgement was wrong. They are asking Lord Malcolm to overturn his colleague’s judgement.

Yesterday, independence campaigner David Paterson asked for Lord Malcolm to step aside from judging the case.

Mr Paterson said that Lord Malcolm had been appointed by the Scottish state and therefore could not be trusted to deliver an impartial judgement.

The case will next call in October.