Independence: Women unconvinced by currency plan

WOMEN voters feel “patronised” by Alex Salmond’s flagship claim that an independent Scotland could share the pound in a formal currency union, former Tory leader Annabel Goldie has claimed.

Women voters are concerned that Alex Salmond's currency plan will have consequences for their finances. Picture: PA

Miss Goldie - a leading figure in the No campaign - said women in Scotland view Mr Salmond as “bombastic” and as a politician who has behaved like a “showman” ahead of the independence referendum.

The MSP said that women “instinctively hate risk” and that Mr Salmond’s currency union plan had led to fears among female voters about the consequences for their daily financial decisions.

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Miss Goldie made the claim after she spoke to a meeting of supporters of the Women Together - an offshoot of the anti-independence Better Together campaign today.

She said: “Women lead lives where they take real decisions every day, whether it’s buying the shopping or buying clothes for children and making the ends meet.

“Women want to know what the currency of an independent Scotland would be. They want to know how their wages will be paid and how you will pay for the NHS.