Independence: Tory devo plans ‘will fuel Yes vote’

Lord Forsyth said the plans were a 'complete distraction'. Picture: Ian Rutherford
Lord Forsyth said the plans were a 'complete distraction'. Picture: Ian Rutherford
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DIVISIONS have opened up in Tory ranks ahead of the unveiling of the party’s radical plans for the next stage of devolution, with former Scottish secretary Lord Forsyth warning it will fuel a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson will today reveal the details of the Commission on Devolution set up by her and chaired by former cabinet minister Lord Strathclyde, which will call for an end to the “pocket money parliament”.

The plans, similar to those published by Scottish Labour, will include proposals to make sure Holyrood raises at least 40 per cent of its income.

However, the proposals have already been attacked by Lord Forsyth. He said: “It is a complete distraction from the main question which is, does Scotland think its best future lies as part of the United Kingdom? I just regard it as a complete distraction from what we should be doing, which is getting across why it is in Scotland’s interests to remain part of the United Kingdom.”

The Tory peer added: “If, after 18 September, Scotland decides to remain part of the United Kingdom, then you can have a discussion about some of the problems that arise because of the asymmetric nature of devolution, but that is a debate for the whole of the United Kingdom not just for Scotland.

“The main question facing us now is the destruction of the United Kingdom.”


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