Independence round-up: YouGov | ICM | Jim Sillars

Picture: HeMedia
Picture: HeMedia
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CATCH up on the day in the Scottish independence debate, with this round-up of stories, features and opinion pieces featured on our dedicated referendum microsite.

Two new opinion polls have been released as the Scottish independence referendum campaign reaches its final week. A YouGov poll puts ‘No’ four points ahead, while an ICM study puts ’Yes’ on 49 per cent and ‘No’ on 51 per cent.

In other news, promises to extend devolution to Scotland will only be “meaningful” if the Treasury is willing to hand over powers to borrow money, a new report by Niesr has warned, while former SNP deputy leader Jim Sillars has claimed there will be a “day of reckoning” for major Scottish employers such as Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Life after a Yes vote.


Every day we highlight some of the most interesting and talked-about articles on the Scottish independence referendum - here are some of today’s best pieces, as featured on our Indyref microsite.

Peter Kellner: Scotland’s ‘Yes’ bandwagon stalls

YouGov president Peter Kellner reacts to the polling firm’s latest survey which puts the ‘No’ camp back in the lead ahead of next week’s Scottish independence referendum.

John Curtice: YouGov put No (narrowly) ahead again

Polling expert Professor John Curtice takes a look at the numbers behind YouGov’s latest Scottish independence referendum poll, which puts the ‘No’ camp ahead once again.

Alyn Smith: Independent Scotland can carve out its own niche

Independence and full membership of the international community will provide financial benefits as well as allowing Scotland to take a bigger role in Europe, writes Alyn Smith MEP

Gordon Brown: A moment of destiny for Scotland

Former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown outlines his reasons for Scotland to stay in the UK in this piece for The Guardian.

If Scotland leaves the UK, will the UK leave the EU?

Jenny Anderson of the New York Times looks at the possible impact of a ‘Yes’ vote on Scottish independence on the UK’s place in the European Union.

Meet the switchers from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’

Polling form Ipsos MORI outline five of the main reasons given by voters for switching sides from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ as the Scottish independence referendum debate continues.

Peter Hain: Alex Salmond, you’re no Nelson Mandela – Scotland is free already

Labour MP and anti-apartheid campaigner Peter Hain hits out at Alex Salmond after the First Minister compared scenes of Scots registering to vote in the referendum to the first South African elections after apartheid.