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Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling squared off in a live TV debate yesterday - catch up on the day's analysis here. Picture: Getty
Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling squared off in a live TV debate yesterday - catch up on the day's analysis here. Picture: Getty
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TAKE a look back at some of the best comment and analysis on last night’s STV debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling, in this round-up from our dedicated Scottish independence referendum website.

Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling clashed last night in a fiercely combative televised debate in what could be a landmark moment in the referendum battle.

The First Minister’s vision of an independent Scotland with the powers to create a more just society was pitted against some forensic questioning by Mr Darling - read the report at the link.

Meanwhile, STV has apologised after users outside Scotland were left unable to view the debate due to technical issues affecting the online STV Player.

In other news, Alex Salmond said independence will unlock Scotland’s “vast potential” and shift the economic focus away from London and South-east of England.

We’re collected some of the best comment and analysis on last night’s debate - here’s a selection of pieces as featured on our dedicated Scottish independence microsite.

Danny Alexander: Alex Salmond “closing his eyes” on pound

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander hits out at Alex Salmond’s plans for a currency union in this opinion piece for The Scotsman.

Scott MacNab: Ponsonby, a firm hand on the tiller

The Scotsman’s Scott Macnab reflects on the performance of the man in the middle of last night’s debate – STV’s Bernard Ponsonby.

Alex Massie: Salmond took a beating last night – and his supporters know it

Alex Massie gives his thoughts on last night’s debate, classing the evening as a defeat for First Minister Alex Salmond.

Massie writes: “Salmond’s greatest error came when he was given the change to cross-examine Darling and chose to use it to mock some Unionist hyperbole. By doing so, Salmond made himself look small.”

Liam Herbert: Why Alex Salmond needs to rethink his approach before future TV debates

Liam Herbert, director in the PR and parliamentary affairs agency JBP, gives his take on last night’s referendum debate, and suggests changes that Alex Salmond will need to make ahead of a possible second debate.

TrendsMap visualisation of Salmond v Darling Twitter impact

How did last night’s debate impact on Twitter users? TrendsMap have produced an animated graphic showing support for the Yes and No camps over the course of the evening.

Fraser MacDonald: A select #IndyRef glossary

Fraser MacDonald of the University of Edinburgh examines some of the key terms and phrases used by both sides in the Scottish independence referendum campaign.

Joanna Geary: How the first #IndyRef debate played out on Twitter

Joanna Geary, head of UK news at Twitter, looks at how the debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling was received on the social network, and the ways in which Twitter influenced the evening’s events.

The funniest tweets from the Scottish independence TV debate

The Huffington Post round up some of the best contributions made on Twitter during last night’s debate.

100 Weeks of Scotland: Glasgow 2014

Alan McCredie’s 100 Weeks of Scotland project – documenting 100 aspects of Scottish life ahead of the independence referendum – takes in the sights and sounds of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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