Independence round-up: Turnout | Scotsman backs ‘No’

Picture: HeMedia
Picture: HeMedia
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CATCH up on the day in the Scottish independence debate, with this round-up of stories, features and opinion pieces featured on our dedicated referendum microsite.

A total of 4,285,323 people have registered to vote in the Scottish independence referendum, including 789,024 people who have applied for a postal vote.

97 per cent of eligible voters are registered for next week’s referendum.

In other news, a poll by Times Higher Education has shown that a majority of Scottish academics will vote against Scottish independence in next week’s referendum.

Over 54 per cent of academics surveyed will vote ‘No’, with 41.2 per cent voting ‘Yes’.


Every day we highlight some of the most interesting and talked-about articles on the Scottish independence referendum - here are some of today’s best pieces, as featured on our Indyref microsite.

The Scotsman’s verdict on Scottish independence

The Scotsman outlines its reasons for backing a ‘No’ vote in next week’s referendum in this leader column.

Financial Times: Scotland’s fateful choice

The Financial Times back a ‘No’ vote in next week’s Scottish independence referendum in this leader column.

The paper calls for the UK to embrace “subsidiarity” and give its nations and regions more control over their affairs, but warns that neither Scotland nor the UK will benefit from a split.

‘Yes’ or ‘No’… what do the latest polls suggest?

The May2015 election and polling website from the New Statesman looks at the trends in opinion polling ahead of the Scottish independence referendum next week.

Seumas Milne: Salmond’s Scotland won’t be an escape from Tory Britain

The Guardian’s Seumas Milne writes that the Scottish Government’s current proposals on currency and tax in the event of independence are “a classic recipe for a race to the bottom”, while praising the energy and appeal of the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Lesley Riddoch: Female voices have swung women towards a ‘Yes’ vote

Lesley Riddoch highlights the role of female voices in growing support for independence among Scotland’s women, in this Guardian column.

Rob Lyons: Independent Scotland will be a skint Scotland

An independent Scotland would be vulnerable to the fluctuating price of oil which would leave it unable to provide the wide range of services pledged ahead of next week’s referendum vote, writes Rob Lyons of Spiked.

Paul Mason: How we can measure the seven big #indyref risks

Channel 4 News economics editor Paul Mason analyses what he views as the seven major economic threats faced by Scotland in the event of independence, and assesses far they can be mitigated or avoided altogether.