Independence round-up: Renewables | Chuck D

Just another day in the independence debate as Chuck D speaks out and a London businessman puts big money on a No vote. Picture: Ian Rutherford
Just another day in the independence debate as Chuck D speaks out and a London businessman puts big money on a No vote. Picture: Ian Rutherford
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CATCH up on today’s news, opinion and analysis on the Scottish independence debate from Scotland and around the world in this round-up from our dedicated referendum website.

After the excitement of the Salmond / Darling debate and the subsequent FMQs where the First Minister defended the SNP’s plans for a currency union, today has been relatively quiet on the independence front.

Nick Barley, director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival has said that there will be an ‘impartial’ arena for political debate at the literature event, but no room for a ‘pugilistic boxing match’.

Elsewhere, Joyce McMillan urges Scots to ignore stereotypes and vote without fear, adding that ‘the future is ours to write’ while Ed Miliband waded into the currency debate, claiming that he wouldn’t support a ‘eurozone-style currency union’ if he was prime minister, adding that the poor would be hardest hit in the event of a Yes vote and the country losing the pound.

Our Scottish independence site showcases some of the best comment, analysis and opinion from across the web; here are some of our favourite articles from the last 24 hours of the debate.

Michael Gray: Chance to set up Scottish Broadcasting Corporation post-referendum

Michael Gray, a writer and researcher on the referendum, explains why there is an opportunity after the referendum to set up a new Scottish Broadcasting Corporation and why a Yes vote benefits broadcasting.

David Officer: Well-oiled political machine will leave us all on the rocks

Writing for Post Mag, David Officer says Yes to independence but No Thanks to an SNP oil bonanza, adding that Scotland’s vast renewables potential is the great trump card of the debate.

Homeless man ‘can’t vote’ because he doesn’t sleep rough

The Daily Record report that a homeless man in Glasgow who stays with a friend can’t register for a vote because of his arrangement - but if he slept on a park bench, in a bus shelter or in a shop doorway he could.

Derek Bateman: My Plan B

Derek Bateman looks at the ongoing currency debate and the constant calls for a Plan B from the No campaign.

Man wagers £600,000 on a No vote

A London businessman has put £200,000 on Scotland rejecting independence and backing the Union in the referendum, taking his total wager up to £600,000.

Chuck D expands on independence comments

Veteran rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy endorsed Scottish Independence during a recent show in Glasgow, saying: “That little brother sh*t is over. Don’t let them take your money no more, Scotland.” And now the veteran rapper has expanded on his comments, confirming his support for a Yes vote.

Ex-Labour councillor backing Yes vote

Former Labour councillor and Better Together activist Stephen Dornan is now backing independence, stressing his belief that a Yes vote would help protect Scotland’s NHS.

Police probe threats sent to Jim Sillars

Police are investigating after it emerged threats and warnings had been sent to Jim Sillars, prominent independence campaigner and husband of the late MSP Margo MacDonald, in Fife. One note told Mr Sillars to ‘stay out of West Fife if he values his health’.