Independence round-up: EU | Pound | New poll

Pound, pound and more pound as the currency debate rages on. Picture: TSPL
Pound, pound and more pound as the currency debate rages on. Picture: TSPL
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CATCH up on today’s news, opinion and analysis on the Scottish independence debate from Scotland and around the world in this round-up from our dedicated referendum website.

The currency sub-debate rolls on and on and on, but away from the money issue, Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont has warned that a Yes vote could lead to mortgages rising by £1600 ; Nicola Sturgeon has vowed that independence would bring an end to food banks and Alex Salmond reckons ‘Freedom Come All Ye’ would be an excellent anthem for an independent Scotland.

Our Scottish independence site showcases some of the best comment, analysis and opinion from across the web; here are some of our favourite articles from the last 24 hours of the debate.

Why the EU should welcome an independent Scotland

Sionaidh Douglas-Scott of the Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum outlines six reasons why the EU should welcome an independent Scotland.

Why Scotland could keep the pound

Back to the currency issue, Avinash Persaud, chairman of Intelligence Capital and ex-global head of currency research at JP Morgan says that Scotland can keep the pound and the No campaign’s argument that it can’t is false.

New poll shows support for No at 61%, Yes at 39%

POLL KLAXON! A new YouGov poll partially conducted after last week’s Salmond / Darling TV debate has shown the No campaign with a 22% lead over Yes at 61% - pro-independence figures were at 39%.

Of course Scotland would be able to keep the pound

Further evidence that an iScotland would be able to use the pound from Tim Worstall, a Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute in London, who also looks at the pros and cons of a currency union.

If Scotland votes No, blame Alex Salmond

Strong words from former SNP deputy leader Jim Fairlie, who reckons Alex Salmond has led the party ‘up more blind alleys than the three blind mice’ on the currency issue..

Harris and Lewis: Sketching a North Atlantic future

Dominic Hinde, writing in Post Mag, examines why Scotland’s rural areas are looking increasingly modern when compared with the country’s urban centres, and looks at the possibility of more powers for the Western Isles.

How ‘inclusive’ is Scottish nationalism?

For Left Foot Forward, John McKee examines how inclusive Scottish nationalism is, arguing that ‘even at its highest and most aspirant, nationalism demands self-interest over mutual interest between nations’.

Moz for Yes: Ex-Smiths frontman urges Scots to leave ‘United King-dumb’

Morrissey joined fellow tunesmith Billy Bragg in urging Scotland to vote for independence. The former Smiths frontman started something he could finish, adding: “I love Scotland, and I love the Scottish spirit and they do not need Westminster in the least.”

Lesley Riddoch: Let’s concentrate on real debate

Lesley Riddoch believes the media’s obsession with the currency union is diverting attention away from the key devolved issues, and wants the debate to move away from the ‘deadlocked wrangle over currency’.