I’ll stay in Scotland even if it breaks away from UK, says top Tory donor

A CONSERVATIVE donor has said that he would remain in Scotland and help make the country a “success” if voters supported independence in the 2014 referendum.

Care-home tycoon Robert Kilgour said he would fight “hard” to stop a Yes vote, but insisted he would stay in Scotland because of his multi-million pound investment.

Mr Kilgour, who donates tens of thousands of pounds to the UK Tories annually, claimed investment in Scotland was in “paralysis” because of uncertainty over the independence referendum.

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However, he said some of these investors “may come back to the table” after the referendum result, even if voters back independence.

The comments from Mr Kilgour, whose firm has an annual turnover of £9 million, comes after Scottish-based lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone threatened to move her company to England if Scotland voted for independence.

Mr Kilgour said: “If there was independence, I wouldn’t throw my toys out of the pram, as I’ve got millions of pounds invested in Scotland and 400 people employed here. If we lose and there’s independence, it’s more important to get involved and make things a success.”

He added: “The biggest problem we have is the fact that it’s not happening until autumn 2014. I’ve had people saying to me when they are looking at investing that they’ll look at Newcastle and Liverpool, but won’t look at Scotland until after the referendum.

“I’d much prefer that we had the referendum next autumn. Investment has already been affected and it’s going to get worse. We’re in paralysis.”

However, the SNP dismissed the claim that firms were being put off investing in Scotland.