Ian Blackford unanimously re-elected as SNP leader at Westminster

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Ian Blackford has been unanimously re-elected as the leader of the SNP group at Westminster, the party has announced.

At an annual general meeting in parliament, the 47-strong SNP group backed Mr Blackford and also re-elected his deputy, the Aberdeen North MP Kirsty Blackman.

Ian Blackford celebrates with the SNP group of MPs at Westminster

Ian Blackford celebrates with the SNP group of MPs at Westminster

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“The SNP is ready to get on with the job of being the only strong, united, and focused opposition to Boris Johnson’s extreme Tory government and devastating Brexit plans,” Mr Blackford said.

“The Tories were resoundingly rejected in Scotland. They stood on a solitary pledge to block an independence referendum - and they lost more than half their seats.

“The Tories might rage against democracy but their position is completely unsustainable - they must respect Scotland’s democratic right to choose our own future.”

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Ms Blackman added: “The SNP has a strong and talented team at Westminster. We’re ready to hold Boris Johnson and this appalling hard right Tory government to account - while other parties are consumed by bitter infighting and division.”