Ian Blackford calls on MPs to 'work together' to avoid no deal Brexit

Ian Blackford said MPs must work together to halt no deal
Ian Blackford said MPs must work together to halt no deal
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The SNP's leader at Westminster has called on MPs to introduce legislation to stop the UK Government from forcing through a no deal Brexit.

Ian Blackford said now is the moment of “maximum opportunity” for the Commons to prevent no deal. He called on MPs across party divides to take control of the Commons Order Paper and pass legislation blocking Boris Johnson from forcing through a “dangerous” no-deal Brexit.

His intervention follows a major speech from Jeremy Corbyn, in which the UK Labour leader promised that he would do "everything necessary" to prevent a "disastrous" no-deal Brexit.

Mr Blackford also reiterated his call for cross-party leaders to meet with the SNP next week to discuss what next steps must be taken to block the UK government pushing through a no-deal outcome.

Analysis shows that a no-deal Brexit could cost Scotland 100,000 jobs and every person in Scotland could end up worse off by £2,300 per year.

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The senior Nationalist also pointed to leaked UK government documents, published yesterday by a London newspaper, that highlighted the potential impact of a no-deal Brexit on the UK, highlighting the threat to fisheries, medical supplies and the supply of clean water.

Mr Blackford said: “The countdown towards a no-deal Brexit outcome is quickening and the hypothetical cliff edge is fast becoming a dangerous political reality.

“We already know that there is a majority in Parliament against no-deal - it’s time for politicians across the House to work across party divides to bring in legislation to take a devastating no-deal Brexit off the table.

“Now is the moment of maximum opportunity for MPs to consign no-deal to the dustbin of history - but our constituents need practical action in Parliament, not just empty words.

“I reiterate my calls for cross-party leaders to meet with the SNP next week. Only by working together do MPs have the power to take control of the Order Paper and stop Boris Johnson wrecking the UK economy with a no-deal Brexit.”