Hundreds to join Budget rally

George Osborne Picture: David Jones/PA
George Osborne Picture: David Jones/PA
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Hundreds of people are to join a pre-Budget rally to tell the Government that its policies are hitting ordinary families.

The TUC said its event in Westminster next Wednesday will highlight how household budgets are under “enormous pressure” as a result of wages failing to keep up with rising food and fuel prices and further cuts in government support.

Leaders of unions and campaign groups will address the rally, which is being held a week before the Budget.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The Government’s relentless pursuit of austerity economics is not only failing to cut the deficit, but is making life unbearably hard for millions of families - both in and out of work - across the UK.

“Not only are wages failing to keep up with rising prices, families are also losing out financially as tax credits are cut and their benefits are frozen, capped or taken away.

“The Government is wreaking long-term, and possibly irreparable, damage to our communities. The future looks bleak for the economy and for families unless the Government accepts that its deficit reduction strategy isn’t working.

“A change of direction is long overdue and this month’s Budget gives the Chancellor the perfect opportunity to start to put jobs, growth and families first.