Hundreds of protesters line entrance to Nigel Farage rally at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange

Nigel Farage.
Nigel Farage.
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Campaigners picketed the entrance to the Edinburgh venue where Nigel Farage is due to speak tonight, with cries of ‘shame’ aimed at those attending the event.

Around 100 protesters gathered outside the Corn Exchange in Slateford, with many waving saltires and EU flags.

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Brexit party leader Farage will address a campaign rally ahead of Thursday’s European Parliament elections, with polls suggesting his breakaway pro-Brexit movement stands to make substantial gains.

Outside the hall, protesters said they stood against the party’s “right-wing” rhetoric and “anti-immigrant” views.

Retired businessman Stephen Fraser said: “I want to protest against Nigel Farage and Brexit in general.

“He’s the figurehead for the whole movement. He’s encouraging people to vote for emotional reasons without engaging in facts.”

But inside the venue there was a different message.

Opening the rally, the Brexit party’s lead candidate in Scotland, Louis Stedman-Bryce, said: “It is not easy being a Brexit supporter. We are being attacked by the media and politicians.

“We need to send a clear message not just to Westminster but Holyrood as well.

“We have been betrayed.”