Holyrood committee to examine post-2014 finances

A HOLYROOD committee is to scrutinise what Scotland’s public finances could be like after 2014.

MSPs will scrutinise what Holyrood's finances may look like beyond 2014. Picture: Neil Hanna

MSPs on the Finance Committee are to launch a new inquiry into the issue, and will question a range of academics, economists and other experts.

The work, which is due to begin later this month, will focus on taxation, borrowing, public sector debt and fiscal rules.

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Those who will be questioned include Professor Andrew Hughes-Hallett, a member of the Scottish Government’s Fiscal Commission Working Group, Dr Angus Armstrong from the National Institute of Economic and Social research, Jo Armstrong of the Centre for Public Policy for the Regions, Professor Peter McGregor, the head of economics at Strathclyde Business School, and Professor Alan Trench, who has acted as an adviser to the House of Lords Ad Hoc Select Committee.

Committee convener Kenneth Gibson said: “Our evidence sessions will provide a vital platform for debate and clarity on some of the most important financial issues at the forefront of the Scottish public’s mind.

“That is why we have invited respected experts in the fields of taxation, debt and pensions to share their views on what Scotland’s public finances will look like after 2014.”