Holyrood 2016 poll: Labour and Tories tied in 2nd place

Ruth Davidson has seen a rise in support for her party. Picture: PA
Ruth Davidson has seen a rise in support for her party. Picture: PA
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The Scottish Conservatives and Labour remain neck-and-neck in the race for second place in the Holyrood election, according to a new poll.

The Survation research for the Daily Record suggests Ruth Davidson’s party could be poised to push Kezia Dugdale’s into third place on May 5.

The poll found Labour still has a narrow lead over their Tory rivals in the constituency part of the vote, at 18% and 17% respectively.

But in the regional list the parties’ fortunes are reversed, with the Tories edging ahead on 18% and Labour on 17%.

When asked which party they want to come second in the event of an SNP victory, respondents backed Ms Dugdale’s party by 38% compared to 21% who opted for the Tories.

More than half (58%) also believe Labour will come second, compared to 21% who think Ms Davidson’s party will.

Holyrood 2016 poll: SNP sees drop in 2nd preference votes

The SNP maintains a clear lead, with support at 53% in the constituency vote and 43% in the regional section.

The poll shows the Scottish Greens hitting 11% in the regions, while the Liberal Democrats are on 7% in both ballots.

Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie said: “As we enter the final fortnight of campaigning, the Green message of a bolder Holyrood is connecting with voters.

“With Labour’s continued decline and the SNP’s cautious approach to government, the need for progressive voices in parliament to keep Scotland moving in the right direction is clear.

“The Scottish Greens have been polling strongly on the regional vote, and those regional votes will make all the difference in getting the bolder parliament Scotland needs.”

A Labour spokesman said: “The big choice at this election is about which party will use the new powers of the Scottish Parliament to stop the cuts.

“Kezia Dugdale has set out a plan for fairer taxes, including asking the richest 1% earning more than £150,000 a year to pay a 50p top rate of tax.

“That will allow us to stop the cuts and invest in our public services like schools and hospitals. The SNP refuse to use the new powers to stop the cuts. They are content for the Scottish Parliament to act as a conveyor belt for Tory austerity.”

Survation polled 1,005 Scots over the age of 16 between April 15 and 20.

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