Highland Council leader given top European role

The leader of Highland Council has taken a role at the CPMR. Picture: Jane Barlow
The leader of Highland Council has taken a role at the CPMR. Picture: Jane Barlow
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DREW Hendry, the leader of Highland Council, has been appointed to a top post at a European fisheries and maritime organisation.

Mr Hendry has been elected Vice-President of the Conference of Maritime Peripheral Regions (CPMR). He is the first Scots to hold the post.

He was elected at the CMPR General Assembly which was held in St Malo, Brittany, France last week.

Councillor Hendry, who attended the General Assembly in his role as the UK representative on the ruling Political Bureau, spoke at the conference when he highlighted the need for the European Union to focus attention on the communications needs of peripheral regions.

Councillor Hendry said: “Being elected Vice President is an honour for me, but more importantly highlights the role the Highlands are playing in influencing the work of the CPMR and, consequently European policy.

“The Peripheral and Maritime regions and areas are similar to Highland, and there are islands like Shetland, for example.

“It is overdue that issues such as air travel, ferry links and communications were given more attention by those with the power to change things.

“This position is important for the Highlands and Islands as it provides the region with a seat at the top table of policy making in Europe and a direct voice in the corridors of power in Brussels.

“I am grateful for the top quality work from Highland Council’s European team for making this possible.”