Higher maths probe ruled out by Government

Picture: PA
Picture: PA
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The Scottish Government has rejected calls for an inquiry into this year’s Higher Maths and Biology exams, amid complaints from pupils, teachers and parents.

Labour’s Iain Gray wrote to education secretary Angela Constance, citing the “exceptional circumstance” of this year’s exam, and urging her to appoint to an external expert to conduct an urgent review.

But Ms Constance has now responded rejecting the idea.

Mr Gray said: “It’s very disappointing that Angela Constance has rejected Scottish Labour calls for a review.

“For many pupils this was their one chance at Higher Maths and Biology, but the Education Secretary is ignoring the concerns of these pupils, as well as parents and teachers from across Scotland.

“This was an opportunity for our two parties to work together constructively to benefit pupils across Scotland, but it is an opportunity the SNP have turned down. Rather than take responsibility for this fiasco the SNP seem determined to pass the buck.”