Greens insist ‘Scotland can’ as they borrow from Obama for poll

MSP Patrick Harvie. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
MSP Patrick Harvie. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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THE Scottish Greens are to borrow from the successful election motto of Barack Obama for the forthcoming Holyrood campaign in the hope of securing a “breakthrough”

Co-leader Patrick Harvie said the party was to use the mantra “Scotland Can” in the coming weeks, an echo of the famous “Yes We Can” motto used by the Democratic US president hopeful during his 2008 White House election campaign.

The party took delivery of half a million tabloid-sized newspapers featuring this key message to push during the final 100 days of the campaign.

Mr Harvie said: “With 100 days to go our top team of candidates and local branches around the country are gearing up for our biggest and best campaign to date. With our increased resources we’re determined to make the most of positive polling which shows the chance we have to make a real breakthrough.

“With a record delivery of half a million Green newspapers we’re showing how serious we are about getting our message to as many people as possible.”

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The pro-independence Greens have surged in popularity since the referendum and the party now boasts more than 9,000 members, but polling suggests they could struggle to add to the two seats they have at the moment.

Meanwhile the pro-independence left-wing alliance RISE has called on the SNP to clarify whether it will back another referendum in its Holyrood manifesto.

RISE Lothians candidate Colin Fox said: “RISE offers this clear assurance to voters: we stand for another referendum on independence within the lifetime of the next Holyrood parliament.”