‘Go now’ say voters in Eric Joyce’s Scottish seat

CONSTITUENTS in Falkirk yesterday said the latest incident had left the MP with no choice but to resign.

Sarah Campbell, 56, below, from Denny, said: “It’s time Mr Joyce went. He’s done nothing for me and look at the state of this town. He should have gone the last time he was in trouble, but he didn’t. He’s supposed to be setting an example to the young people in his constituency, but what kind of example is this?

Leslie Ord, 72-year-old former technical manager with Scotrail, who lives in Denny, said: “I’m a traditional Labour man and voted for Joyce until the carry on with his expenses, which were the highest in the land and a real scandal.

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“Now this carry on – he’s a rogue. He can’t go on representing people like this. He’s no credibility left.”

Taxi driver John Muir, 30, of Camelon, Falkirk, above, said: “It’s just another Eric Joyce scandal – he doesn’t learn his lesson. A lot of my passengers have been talking about Joyce today and everyone is saying that as a political figure and someone who claims to represent this area, he needs to step down. He doesn’t set a good example. He’s had a good job and good wages but he’s thrown it all away. He’s out of control.

Retired plumber Andy Martin, 81, said: “Being arrested again is a disgrace. He was never my cup of tea, but this behaviour is really unbelievable, there must be something not right with the man. He should be bombed out right away.”