Video: Nicola Sturgeon’s final election speech disrupted

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Nicola Sturgeon has appealed for Scots to “come together” and elect a Government for all the nation in her final speech before tomorrow’s election - and laughed off a union jack waving stunt from a lone protester.

As the First Minister launched into a public address at Glasgow’s Buchanan Street steps today, she was met with a huge union jack draped beside her. It later emerged the protest had been carried out by controversial pro-union activist Alistair McConnachie.

Nicola Sturgeon is confronted by a protester. Picture: John Devlin. Video: Chris McCall

Nicola Sturgeon is confronted by a protester. Picture: John Devlin. Video: Chris McCall

But Ms Sturgeon played down the incident.

She quipped: “Thank you to you sir for turning up here to show what a democratic society we are.”

He was later led away by police.

Ms Sturgeon said some Scots who vote SNP “may not agree with everything I say or do and will not agree with everything the SNP says or does.”

But she appealed to Scots to “come together to elect a Government that has Scotland’s interests at heart at all times.”

Ms Sturgeon told hundreds of supporters and onlookers that tomorrow is “an important day for our country.”

She added: “We have a choice - we can choose to continue to move this country forward with confidence in the right direction - or we can choose to allow the Westminster parties to take us backwards.

“I have confidence that people in Scotland will choose to keep moving forward with the SNP.”

“Tomorrow I am asking people across this country of ours to elect the SNP for a historic third term in Government and with great humility I am asking people across our country to elect me to be the First Minister and lead our country for the next five years and into a new decade.”

“I’m asking for a mandate to make this great country of ours even greater.

“If I am elected to be the First Minister tomorrow then I pledge from the bottom of my heart to work every single day to make this country fairer, more equal, wealthier and stronger - that’s my pledge to every single person across our country.”

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