EU referendum: Aberdeen comfortably backs vote to Remain

Aberdeen. Picture: Christopher Furlong
Aberdeen. Picture: Christopher Furlong
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Aberdeen comfortably backed a vote to Remain within the EU with a 61 per cent share of the vote.

A total of 63,985 votes were cast in favour of the Remain campaign with 40,729 backing Brexit.

Turnout was 67.9 per cent.

Jenny Laing, leader of Aberdeen City Council, said the result reflected the city’s “global outlook”.

She said: “People in Aberdeen do realise the importance of the EU, particularly for Aberdeen to move forward in terms of markets and movement of people to bring in the skills we need.

“We are not surprised that Remain would win here. We just hope the same result will be replicated nationally.”

She said the city had done well out of EU grant funding for the city’s hydrogen bus scheme, back-to-work projects and research and development.

While the result appeared clear throughout the count, samples showed pockets of success for the Leave campaign in the working class pockets of Northfield and Mastrick.

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Ms Laing said activists and voters were suffering election “fatigue” and that it was time to get back to business.

“I really do feel its time for us to put constitutional issues to one side. We really need to concentrate on the issues which really effect peoples lives. Its about public services and putting forward policies and strategies that will make a positive difference to people’s lives.”

“We need to be concentrating on that on a local level, at a Scottish level and a Westminster level

Dougie Thomson, 30, was one of 10 Vote Leave activists at the count at Robert Gordon University.

Last night, he said: “While Remain won the nigh I do feel there was enough response form the people of Aberdeen to question our membership of the EU going forward.”