David Mundell: Deal will be done over new powers post-Brexit

Scottish Secretary David Mundell. Picture: John Devlin
Scottish Secretary David Mundell. Picture: John Devlin
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David Mundell has said he expects a deal to be done between the Scottish and UK governments over new powers after Brexit.

The Scottish Secretary said talks between the two administrations would produce an agreement that ensured vital legislation to enact Brexit gets the support of MSPs at Holyrood.

The SNP has accused UK ministers of a “power grab” on parts of the devolved settlement including agriculture and the environment, and threatened to withhold legislative consent from the government’s Repeal Bill.

“I have always been confident that we will be able to reach a resolution on this matter,” Mr Mundell said. “I have been round this block on a number of occasions. We were told after the Calman Commission with the Scotland Act 2012 that this would never be agreed and it would never get through the Scottish parliamentary hurdles; it did.

“We were told with the 2016 Scotland Act, the Smith Commission proposals would never be agreed and it was. We were told the Fiscal Framework would never be agreed; it was. So, I have always been confident we could reach a resolution because ultimately the Scottish Government and even the SNP realise it is to the benefit of Scotland to have a good settlement of these issues.”