Brexit: SNP reveals wording of pro-independence amendment

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The SNP will seek a vote in the House of Commons on an amendment stating that “the best future for Scotland” is with independence and membership of the EU.

Nationalists will back the amendment to a motion putting forward Theresa May’s Brexit deal on Tuesday night, if it is selected by the Commons Speaker.

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In previous Brexit votes, as the third party at Westminster, the SNP have had their amendments selected by John Bercow.

The amendment will be opposed by Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs. However, SNP chief whip Patrick Grady claimed that if selected, it would be the first time a majority of Scottish parliamentarians would vote in favour of independence in the Commons.

The motion states that both the Scottish and Welsh parliaments “oppose the UK Government’s exit deal and agree that a no-deal outcome would be complete unacceptable”.

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It refers to a vote last year in which MPs reaffirmed Scotland’s Claim of Right that it is “the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of government best suited to their needs”.

The SNP will push for a vote on an amendment supporting Scottish independence

The SNP will push for a vote on an amendment supporting Scottish independence

The motion states that Scotland voted against leaving the EU and has been “ignored throughout the Brexit process”, and concludes: “The best future for Scotland lies in becoming, like so many of its neighbours, a full, equal, sovereign independent member state of the European Union”.