Former MP Jim McGovern escorted from pub by police

Jim McGovern MP
Jim McGovern MP
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POLICE officers were forced to escort former Dundee MP Jim McGovern and his councillor wife out of a pub in the city after a late night row with staff.

The Labour politician, who announced he would not be seeking re-election earlier this month, was involved in an incident in the Counting House in the city’s Reform Street at 10pm on Thursday.

Members of the public watched as the 58-year-old and his wife, Norma, refused to leave and berated a waitress with cries of “Don’t you know who I am?”

One eyewitness said: “I was shocked to see two public figures screaming at a waitress in such a way. Others around me were also shocked to see what was going on.

“I heard Mrs McGovern say, ‘Do you know who you are speaking to, young lady? He is a former MP and I am on the city council. I know people on the licensing board so you better watch your back’. I couldn’t believe my ears. She was threatening this poor girl by flaunting their positions. The staff desperately tried to calm the couple down before they asked them both to leave the premises.”

Mr McGovern yesterday explained they had became enraged after a fellow customer made a lewd remark and throat-cutting gesture with a butter knife to Mrs McGovern while he was in the toilet.

He said they brought this to the attention of staff but their claims were “not dealt with appropriately”.

Mr McGovern denied hearing his wife’s alleged comments to the waitress Mrs McGovern refused to comment on what she said.

Mr McGovern added: “By rights, I should have just walked over and walloped him for what he said. The staff began claiming that we were making too big a fuss of it.

“We discussed our concerns with them but the man went on to make highly inappropriate comments and gestures with a cutlery knife towards my wife. At this point, my wife raised the potential implications for the bar’s licence should no immediate action be taken.”

He added: “The police were called at our request and arrived around 45 minutes later by which time the man had left the premises. We detailed our concerns to the police, provided them with a description of the man and left for home.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Officers attended at the Counting House, Reform Street, Dundee following a report of two people refusing to leave the premises, inquiries were made and the matter was resolved.”


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