FMQs: Salmond defends school attainment rates

Alex Salmond.    Picture: Ian Rutherford
Alex Salmond. Picture: Ian Rutherford
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ATTAINMENT in schools has been falling in Scotland compared to that in other countries Labour leader Johann Lamont claimed at First Minister’s questions today.

Ms Lamont says a report from public spending watchdog Audit Scotland showed that attainment had fallen in schools during Alex Salmond’s time in office.

However, Mr Salmond said attainment has risen, quoting a report saying “the vast majority of the improvements in attainment have been made in the last five years”.

The First Minister also stated that a “decline under Labour has been reversed” as he rejected Ms Lamont’s claims at Holyrood today.

Mr Salmond said “international performance was declining while Labour was in power” and claimed that education spending has declined because funding from Westminster has been reduced.

The Labour leader said that parents, pupils and teachers “deserve better from this government” as she accused Mr Salmond of not responding to her points.