FMQs: Neil Findlay identified as calling Sturgeon '˜liar'

SCOTTISH Labour MSP Neil Findlay has been identified as having shouted '˜liar' at Nicola Sturgeon during First Minister's Questions.

Labour MSP Neil Findlay. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

The First Minister was answering a question directed to her by Labour leader Kezia Dugdale when a member from the Labour benches shouted ‘liar’.

Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick halted the session after the interruption and called for the culprit to own up and withdraw the ‘unparliamentary’ remark.

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When no one came forward, the matter was investigated in the official report which later found that it was Findlay who interjected.

Findlay spoke out during a response to Dugdale when Ms Sturgeon said: “Let us turn to Labour’s policy of raising the basic rate of income tax for every worker in our country earning £11,000 and above.”

Other members from the SNP benches then shouted ‘withdraw’.