Evangelicals rally against same-sex marriage

A LETTER signed by more than 70 of Scotland’s largest evangelical churches will be handed over to St Andrew’s House today, opposing plans to introduce same sex marriage.

The event will be marked with a rally and backed by the campaign group Scotland For Marriage, which wants to maintain the traditional definition of marriage.

It states: “Redefining marriage is not an issue of equality or fairness, as argued by those calling for this change. Equality does not mean sameness but recognises diversity.

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“In the Scottish Government’s consultation document it is abundantly clear that homo-sexual couples already have the rights of marriage available through civil partnerships.

“Our chief concern is that Scottish society will be the poorer if the definition of marriage is rewritten. Marriage is foundational and so much else rests upon it.

“You cannot radically alter the definition of marriage without it having knock-on effects on so much else in our society.”

A Scottish Government consultation asking if marriage should be allowed for gay people through a civil or religious ceremony closed earlier this month after attracting more than 50,000 responses.

Dave Greatorex, of Scotland for Marriage said: “Once again we see how widespread the opposition to redefining marriage really is.

“If Alex Salmond thinks that concerns about changing the current definition will go away he is sorely mistaken.”

The Rev David McCarthy, of St Silas Episcopal Church, in Glasgow, added: “Traditional marriage gives kids the complementary parenting of a mother and father, which same-sex marriage does not provide.”

Equal Marriage campaigners have submitted about 18,000 responses to the consultation. The gay equality charity Stonewall Scotland is urging MSPs to support same-sex marriage.