Eurolottery-winning Weirs give another £1m to SNP

Colin and Christine Weir. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Colin and Christine Weir. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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EUROLOTTERY winners Colin and Christine Weir have given another £1 million to the SNP in the first few months of this year, new data from the Electoral Commission has revealed.

A list of political donations for the first three months of 2015 showed that Mr and Mrs Weir gave £500,000 each to Nicola Sturgeon’s party.

According to the commission, the total donated to the SNP since 2011 stands at £4,005,000.

In addition to their contribution to party funds they also donated a further £1m to Yes Scotland in the run up to last year’s referendum. The couple, from Ayrshire, have been the independence cause’s most generous benefactors since they won the £161m jackpot in 2011.

The couple have also made donations to various good causes.

The Weirs’ donation accounted for the vast majority of the £1,055,250 given to the SNP between January and March 2015.

The party also received £48,659 of public funds, House of Commons funding given to opposition parties to help with their costs. Political parties across the UK received just over £30m in donations, more than £15m going to the Conservative Party and £9m to Labour.