Donald Trump: I won over Scots and I’ll win over US

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PRESIDENTIAL candidate Donald Trump claims his battle to build a controversial Scottish golf course will help him in his fight for the White House.

The Republican frontrunner said his ability to win over opponents of the project at the Menie estate on the Aberdeenshire coast showed he was capable of convincing doubters about his candidacy.

Writing in the Press and Journal, Mr Trump said: “When I first arrived on the scene in Aberdeen, the people of Scotland were testing me to see just how serious I was, just like the citizens in the United States have done about my race for the White House.

“I had to win them over. I had to convince them that I meant business and that I had their best interests in mind.

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“Well, Scotland has already been won - and so will the United States.”

The Scottish Government approved plans for the US businessman’s golf resort in 2008 following a public inquiry.

However, relations between Mr Trump and former First Minister Alex Salmond have since soured following a row over an offshore windfarm.

Late last year a war of words broke out between the two men, with Mr Salmond accusing Mr Trump of being a “three-time loser” over his failure to block the windfarm.

In response, Mr Trump said the former first minister was “a has-been and totally irrelevant”.