Davidson says SNP is ‘insulting’ rugby fans

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TORY leader Ruth Davidson has suggested that the SNP were “insulting” thousands of spectators at today’s Calcutta Cup clash by suggesting that patriots, proud to be Scottish and British, are “anti-Scottish”.

Ms Davidson was speaking on the eve of the Scotland versus England rugby match at Murrayfield, which was expected to be attended by her and Alex Salmond.

The Scottish Conservative party leader made her comments following a row about SNP politicians claiming that opposition parties were “anti-Scottish” for criticising Alex Salmond’s party’s policies.

This week, education secretary Mike Russell was accused of intolerance and arrogance after he said that Conservative support for tuition fees was “anti-Scottish”. Mr Russell’s remarks followed similar comments from the SNP MSP Joan McAlpine, who suggested it was “anti-Scottish” to interfere with the timing of the referendum.

Ms Davidson said: “I’ll be in the stands at Murrayfield tomorrow, proud to support my country. Just because you do not agree with everything the SNP says does not mean you are anti- Scottish or talking Scotland down.

“I am definitely Scottish, but I’m British too, and it’s an insult to me and thousands of others who feel this way to suggest we are somehow unpatriotic.”

An SNP spokeswoman said: “People and parties can hold whatever views they wish and be patriotic Scots and no SNP minister or MSP has ever claimed otherwise.”