David Mundell taken to task by Speaker over bad grammar

David Mundell, the Secretary of State for Scotland, was chastised by the Speaker of the House of Commons yesterday - for poor grammar.

John Bercow, left, chastised David Mundell for bad grammar. Pictures: Contributed/John Devlin

Mr Mundell had seized an opportunity to get in a dig about the reduced number of SNP MPs - and the rise in Conservative members - after June’s general election, during oral questions to the Scottish Secretary.

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Mr Mundell reminded the House of Commons: “Mr Speaker, on the eighth of June the people of Scotland delivered their verdict on which party stands up for Scotland and Scotland’s financial arrangements.

“Scottish Conservatives, 12 additional MPs, Scottish National Party, 21 less.”

But John Bercow was quick to deliver a withering response, replying: “Yes, or even fewer,” to gales of laughter from the Nationalist benches.