David Cameron attacked over tax credit cuts in the Commons

David Cameron was attacked over tax credit cuts. Picture: PA
David Cameron was attacked over tax credit cuts. Picture: PA
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DAVID Cameron was criticised over the UK government’s controversial cuts to tax credits at Prime Minister’s questions by Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Corbyn challenged David Cameron to explain where one of his backbenchers is wrong when she insists the tax credits cuts are too harsh.

The Labour leader highlighted quotes from Conservative MP Heidi Allen, who attacked the £4.4 billion cut to tax credits during an opposition day debate with a protest that “too many people will be adversely affected”.

Mr Corbyn said: “Cutting tax credits damages her life opportunities and the life opportunities they might employ - do you not see the value of giving support to people trying to improve their lives rather than cutting their ability to survive properly?”

However, Mr Cameron insisted the cuts to tax credits were part of a wider package of reforms that would see working people better off.

Mr Cameron said: “The tax credit changes are part of a package, a package that includes a higher national living wage and tax reductions.

“I think that is the right approach for our country - let’s make work pay, let’s allow people to earn more, let’s cut their taxes and let’s make welfare affordable.”