Cyclists take message to Holyrood

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Protesters pushing for more pedal power are planning to put the Scottish Government under pressure to make Scotland a more cycle-friendly nation.

Organisers of a demonstration called Pedal on Parliament say they want to make Scotland’s towns, cities and villages fit for cyclists aged from eight to 80.

The group brought thousands of cyclists onto the streets of Edinburgh last year to raise awareness for their campaign, but have announced another demonstration on 18 May this year, as they say that despite assurances by politicians, nothing has been done.

Organiser Dr David Brennan said, “After the first Pedal on Parliament, Alex Salmond said we were ‘pushing on an open door’. Yet we’re still not seeing any real change.

“Spending for cycling has stopped falling, but it’s nowhere near the levels we need to make the roads safe for my young family to cycle on – and that’s the sort of change we need to see.”