Council sorry for grave error

The widow of a Galashiels soldier murdered in an army payroll robbery in 1985 has told of her disgust this week after a Scottish Borders Council worker destroyed the turf around his grave.

Susan Thomson was shocked whern she saw the state of her late husband's grave.

Susan Thomson, who runs the Fountain Newsagent’s shop, visited her late husband John’s grave and was shocked to see the extent of dead and discoloured grass around the headstone due to weedkiller being put down.

She complained to the council, saying: “Whilst over the years I have put up with the slipshod way graves were tended, I am no longer willing to sit back and let Scottish Borders Council continue in this manner.

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“How can it even be seen as acceptable to weedkill such a large area around a grave?

“Yes, mistakes can be made, but this is more than that – it is a total disregard for what should have been a regular service. My son is horrified that this has occurred.

A council spokesman told us that it had been a mistake and that it should be rectified this week.

He said: “While weedkilling is carried out across the Scottish Borders, this was an error which the council has apologised to the family for.

“The area is being reinstated this week.”