Concerns over Holyrood powers deal as bill timetable slips

Fears that SNP and Tory politicians are struggling to reach a deal on Holyrood powers heightened last night when it emerged that the timetable for the Scotland Bill has slipped.

David Mundell wrote to convener of Holyroods Devolution Committee over the delay. Picture: Julie Bull

The Scotland Bill’s passage through the House of Lords has been delayed while the wrangling over the fiscal framework, which underpins the more powers proposal continues.

The House of Lords was due to resume its line-by-line scrutiny on Tuesday, but that has now been put back until 22 February.

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Scottish Secretary David Mundell has written to Bruce Crawford, the convener of Holyrood’s Devolution Committee, informing him of the delay.

Meanwhile Greg Hands, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, is flying to Edinburgh on Monday to resume political talks with finance secretary John Swinney.

Mr Swinney has warned there is still some distance to go before a deal is struck.