Christine Hamilton dropped by charity over KKK tweet

Christine Hamilton:  Said her tweet was 'tongue in cheek'. Picture: PA
Christine Hamilton: Said her tweet was 'tongue in cheek'. Picture: PA
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Former reality television contestant Christine Hamilton has been stripped of her position as a charity ambassador after complaints about her social media posts on Islam.

The wife of ex-MP Neil Hamilton posted an image on Twitter of the Ku Klux Klan captioned: “If the burka is acceptable then presumably this is too?”

It came in the week that former foreign secretary Boris Johnson compared women in burkas to letter boxes and bank robbers.

The tweet was criticised by people on social media, with one poster replying: “You (and Mr Johnson) are both as bad as each other trying to disguise your prejudices as ‘jokes’. I hope you’re proud of yourself for perpetuating this idea that Muslim women should be vilified and mocked.”

Mrs Hamilton said the post was “tongue in cheek” and attempted to soothe the anger by adding: “For heaven’s sake – no, I am not comparing Muslim women to KKK members and yes, thank you, I do know the difference.

“I was graphically illustrating how full facial cover can be sinister, which is how many people view the burka.”

But her comments were enough to prompt the Muscular Dystrophy UK charity to sever its links with her.

Its chief executive Robert Meadowcroft said the decision “fully reflects the values of the charity”.

Mrs Hamilton said she would remove any references to charities from her social media profile.