Candidates make final pitch in Scots Labour leader vote

SCOTTISH Labour’s candidates for leader and deputy leader have made a final pitch to party members on the final full day of voting in the contest to succeed Jim Murphy.

Ken Macintosh is facing off against Kezia Dugdale. Picture: John Devlin
Ken Macintosh is facing off against Kezia Dugdale. Picture: John Devlin

Voting closes in the party’s Scottish leadership election between Lothians MSP Kezia Dugdale and Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh at noon tomorrow.

Scottish Labour is also electing a deputy leader, with MSPs Richard Baker and Alex Rowley as well as Glasgow council leader Gordon Matheson all seeking election.

The winner of both contests will be declared in Stirling on Saturday.

Kezia Dugdale. Picture: Toby Williams


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Mr Macintosh said: “Today is one of the most important days of the entire leadership contest - not just because it’s the final day of voting, but because it’s my youngest daughter’s first day of Primary School.

“My ambition for my daughter’s future is what drives my ambition to lead the Scottish Labour Party. I want to offer the Scottish people hope again - I want to transform the Scottish Labour Party into a positive force for real change in Scotland.

“Throughout this leadership contest, I have spoken in detail about the changes I will make, about the new leadership style and approach to politics I will bring as party leader.

“Above all, my message to undecided members is simple: I’m asking for your support as I believe I have the ideas, the vision and the determination to help Labour win again.”