Business for Scotland want 250k business Yes votes

A PRO-independence group has set an ambitious target to convince a quarter of a million business people to vote Yes by September 18.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp revealed BfS are aiming to convince 250,000 business people to vote Yes. Picture: Complimentary

The pledge was made by Business for Scotland, which has 2,000 members, on the first day of the 16-week formal referendum campaign.

Group chief Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp said: “Our members believe that independence is the business opportunity of a lifetime for Scotland, and during this campaign period we aim to prove it not only to Scotland’s small and medium-sized businesses but to the wider public who want to understand the ways independence will increase individual and national prosperity.

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“The campaign for Scotland’s business vote will not be won in the boardroom of big London corporates, it will be won on the ground on the shop floors of Scotland’s hard working community businesses.

“Business for Scotland already enjoys the benefit of momentum in the business community, with all opinion polls showing momentum in the sector towards Yes. We intend to win well through positive conversation and the strengths of our arguments.”

There are about 340,000 businesses in Scotland, according to government figures.

Small and medium enterprises account for about 99 per cent of all private sector firms.