New warning that a no-deal Brexit could lead to a blue Christmas

A lack of warehouse space could see a no-deal Brexit at Halloween severely impact the availability of goods at Christmas, push up the price of imported electronics through new tariffs, and increase charges and delays on gifts sent to and from the UK.

STR/AFP/Getty Images
STR/AFP/Getty Images

ParcelHero, an international parcel comparison site, says retailers will either have stockpiled enough goods to get through Brexit, or for Christmas, but they “can’t magic space for both”. And the company warns that a no-deal could lead to customs chaos for presents being sent abroad, or coming into the UK.

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The site’s head of consumer research, David Jinks, said: “The UK’s available warehousing space is already bursting to the seams with stockpiled hard-Brexit goods of all kinds, including non-perishable foods and medicines. This will reach a peak just when the usual influx of Christmas products pre-ordered by all the major stores in time for Christmas starts to flood in.”

He criticised the Conservative leadership candidates for trying to “out-macho the other” over a hard Brexit with the results “potentially disastrous for the normal Christmas supply chain”.

He added that a no deal Brexit “perfect storm” would also see the end of trade deals with EU countries who produce electronic goods, resulting in tariffs and delays.”