Brexit: Over half of UK voters want second referendum

More than half of the public would like the Government’s final Brexit deal to be put to a referendum, according to a new poll.

The Kantar poll of 1,172 people found that 51% of Britons would like a referendum to be held on the deal once negotiations between the Government and the EU have come to an end.

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Brexit: New poll gives boost to Scottish independence plans

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One in three - 32% - would not like a public referendum to be held, and the remaining 17% do not know.

Pro EU protestors demonstrate opposite the Houses of Parliament. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

Support for a referendum on the deal includes 35% of people who voted Leave in the 2016 referendum and 67% of people who voted Remain.

The poll also put Labour three points ahead of the Conservative Party on voting intention.

Some 35% of the public would vote for Labour, the poll found, while 32% would vote Conservative.

The poll shows a nine-point drop in support for the Conservative Party compared to the same poll last month, and a four-point gain for Labour.

The Liberal Democrats polled at 11%, Ukip at 7%, the SNP at 5%, the Green Party at 4% and Plaid Cymru at 1%.

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