Boris Johnson vows to stop second independence referendum

Mr Johnson said a vote for the Scottish Conservatives "will stop a second independence referendum."
Mr Johnson said a vote for the Scottish Conservatives "will stop a second independence referendum."
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Boris Johnson has warned that the SNP will “tear apart our incredible union” as he pledged to stop a second referendum on independence.

The Prime Minister will today unveil the Tories election manifesto as the party sets out a £14.3 billion tax “bombshell” facing Scotland under the SNP and Labour tax plans.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Picture: PA

Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Picture: PA

Mr Johnson said: “There is a clear choice for voters across Scotland in this election: a vote for the Scottish Conservatives who will stop a second independence referendum and focus on investing in Scotland’s future, or a vote for the SNP to prop up Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street and tear apart our incredible Union.

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“We want 2020 to be a year of opportunity, growth and unity for Scotland, while a vote for the SNP is a vote to spend next year having two divisive referendums - one on the EU and one on breaking up our Union, rather than moving on and focusing on people’s priorities such as improving our NHS and helping with the cost of living.”

The Scottish Tories, who will publish their own manifesto next week, have today published new research setting out a £14.3 billion tax bill for Scotland. This includes an additional £500 million for Scottish income tax and a potential £42 million on the workplace parking levy under the SNP. It also includes £387 million in capital gains tax, £2.2 billion in corporation tax and

£11 billion in North Sea windfall tax under Labour.

“Scotland is already the highest taxed part of the UK, but this shows the unholy alliance of Sturgeon and Corbyn would squeeze Scots dry,” said Scots Tory leader Jackson Carlaw.

But SNP economy spokeswoman Kirsty Blackman said a decade of Tory cuts to Scotlnd’s budget will reach £14.8 billion next year.

She said: “The Tories will always prioritise the rich over the poor and if we had followed their lead on tax policy, we would have £500 million less to spend next year on the NHS and other vital services. The SNP has delivered a more progressive tax system in Scotland that protects lower and middle income taxpayers.”