Boris Johnson’s ‘Brexit bridge’ idea rejected by Downing Street

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Boris Johnson‘s backing for a bridge linking Scotland with Northern Ireland has been dismissed by Downing Street.

The Foreign Secretary had voiced his support for the proposed £15bn, 24-mile link across the Irish Sea.

Foreign Secterary Boris Johnson. Picture: PA Wire

Foreign Secterary Boris Johnson. Picture: PA Wire

The Daily Telegraph reported on Monday that a source close to the minister saying:“Boris thinks this is an interesting idea which should be looked at more seriously – as politicians in both Scotland and Northern Ireland have already said.

“It’s the kind of ambitious project we need to make a success of Global Britain.”

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It’s not the first time Mr Johnson has got behind a bridge project. As London Mayor, he supported the failed Garden Bridge across the Thames in the capital.

And since joining the Government he has given his backing to an over-sea road link between Britain and France. But this latest project may be a bridge too far for Theresa May. The Prime Minister’s spokesman said that “I’ve not seen any plans on that”, later adding there were “no specific plans” in place to build the bridge.

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