Blackford in last-ditch appeal for single market and customs union

Ian Blackford. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire
Ian Blackford. Picture: Jane Barlow/PA Wire
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Keeping the UK in the single market and customs union after Brexit is “the only deal that will get through” parliament, the SNP’s Westminster leader has warned Theresa May.

Ian Blackford made a last-ditch appeal for the Prime Minister to pursue a soft Brexit as she prepared to face EU leaders at a crucial summit in Brussels.

At PMQs, the SNP MP reminded Mrs May of a 2016 interview where she said “people’s jobs would be put at risk” if the UK leaves the EU, and echoed a similar warning from former Prime Minister John Major this week.

“It is in all our interests, for jobs in particular, that the Prime Minister comes back from Brussels with the right deal,” Mr Blackford said.

Highlighting the opposition to her Chequers proposals for Brexit from within her own party, he added: “We will act as a constructive opposition. The enemy is behind her.

“Prime Minister, go to Brussels, act in the interests of all citizens across the UK and negotiate to keep us in the single market and customs union,” Mr Blackford said. “That will command a majority in the House of Commons.”

Mrs May replied that if the SNP was “interested in ensuring that the interests of everyone in Scotland are taken into account”, it would commit to quitting the Common Fisheries Policy by leaving the EU.