Billy Bragg backs Scottish independence

Singer songwriter Billy Bragg. Picture: Getty
Singer songwriter Billy Bragg. Picture: Getty
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SINGER songwriter Billy Bragg has backed Scottish independence.

Following David Cameron’s impassioned support of the Union on Friday, Bragg tweeted: “Alex Salmond is right ‘Cameron doesn’t speak for England, he speaks for a Westminster elite’ Go for it, Scotland #Indy”.

He also posted on his Facebook page: “I’m in favour of Scottish independence because I believe that it is ultimately about accountability, as is socialism.

“If the Scots leave, we in England will need to make some big constitutional changes. If a new English parliament or regional assemblies are created, they will surely use proportional representation and, as a result, we will have greater choice at the ballot box.”

Bragg, 56, has developed an interest in English national identity, apparent in his 2002 album England, Half English and his 2006 book The Progressive Patriot.

Bragg supports Scottish independence and Welsh independence.

The SNP’s Westminster culture spokesman Pete Wishart MP said: “These are really brilliant comments from a rock legend who is a long-time campaigner for social justice. Billy – like a growing number of people in the countries and regions of these islands – is supportive of Scottish independence and what it will mean for the people of England.

“Only a Yes vote can deliver Scotland the powers that it needs to build a fairer country and help rebalance the democratic and economic deficit that currently exists across these islands under the Westminster system.”

Bragg has recorded and performed cover versions of socialist anthems The Internationale and The Red Flag.