Banksy images doctored by Yes campaigners

PHOTOS of graffiti by world-famous artist Banksy have been doctored by Yes campaigners to show support for Scottish independence.

Picture: HeMedia
Picture: HeMedia

The images have appeared on social media, showing some of the anonymous artist’s doctored work including a piece called ‘Girl on stool with mouse’ in New Orleans.

In the manipulated version, the rodent now holds a Scottish ‘Yes’ flag while the frightened youngster holds a bag bearing a Union Jack.

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Another Banksy featuring a parking attendant being flattened by a steamroller has been altered to show the man holding his notepad with a ‘No Thanks’ logo.

Picture: HeMedia

His hat has also been changed so that it has a strip which says ‘Vote No’.

Many of the altered images have been given an anonymous tag name of ‘Brax’.

A photo of the famous ‘Mobile Lovers’, created by the artist on a door at the Broad Plain Boys’ Club in Bristol, has also been tweaked to show support for the Yes campaign.

The image, which shows a man and woman in each other’s arms but looking over their shoulders at their phones has been changed so that a Yes logo comes up on their telephone screens.

Picture: HeMedia


The spoof pictures began appearing over the past 24 hours.

The image of ‘Girl on stool with mouse’ has been retweeted by supporters more than 400 times.

Donald Jacobs said: “Pure genius, love it!”

Picture: HeMedia

Another user, David Davidson, said: “Absolute magic...I love it love it.”

Even Edinburgh Central MSP Marco Biagi got in on the spoof and said: “Last week I was canvassing and a guy came to door and said he was Banksy, up for #indyref.

“I did wonder, but I guess that one’s settled now.”

Another Banksy which shows a homeless man holding a sign which originally said ‘I want change’ has also been tampered with to say ‘Keep Your Pound. We Want Change’ while his cup also has a Yes logo on it.

But not everyone has enjoyed the doctored images and one user, named The Saint, said: “Yes campaign declare Banksy has done a painting for them... Here is the original. Seriously. #indyref #nothanks”

Another user called Gabe said: “I’d love to think Banksy had done something about the #indyref but I’m pretty sure he doesn’t do photoshop.”

An image created by Banksy in 2010 in Boston which shows a man painting a sign that says ‘Follow Your Dream’ has also been changed and the words are now covered by a red ‘Cancelled’ sign while below the original text writing in blue says ‘Resumes 19th Sept’.

There are now just over two weeks until voters across Scotland make its decision in the Independence Referendum which takes place on September 18.

Politicians from both sides have been meeting with the public across Scotland following the final debate between Better Together’s Alistair Darling and First Minister Alex Salmond.