£8.3m spent by Scottish town halls for '˜gagging' money

Town halls in Scotland have handed ex-workers more than £8.3 million to buy their silence.

Dundee Council paid almost £2.2 million to ex workers. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Under Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation all 32 councils across Scotland were asked how many staff had been awarded such agreements since 2010

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The “gagging orders” - funded by the taxpayer, ensure they do not raise concerns about potential scandals or go to employment tribunals.

The biggest-spending local authority was Dundee, which signed agreements with 247 employees over five years and paid them almost £2.2m – equivalent to £8,800 each.

Clackmannanshire was the second-biggest spender with £1.9m shared among 97 staff. Shetland Islands Council spent £841,593 over five years.