Anti-racist demo planned for Nigel Farage rally at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange

Nigel Farage is charging �2.50 for people to attend his rally
Nigel Farage is charging �2.50 for people to attend his rally
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Anti-racism campaigners are set to stage a demonstration against Nigel Farage when he comes to speak at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange tonight.

The former Ukip leader, whose new Brexit Party is expected to do well in next week’s European Parliament elections, has faced big protests on his previous visits to the Capital.

Campaign group Stand up to Racism Edinburgh said it was organising an anti-racism protest against Mr Farage’s rally and urged all anti-racists, whether they voted Leave or Remain to “help us keep racism out of the Euro elections”.

They said Mr Farage was an ex-city trader and millionaire who had always sown division by blaming other communities for problems created by austerity and had previously lent his support to Donald Trump, France’s Marine Le Pen and the AfD Party in Germany.

Steve West, spokesman for Stand up to Racism Edinburgh, said: “Electors shouldn’t be fooled into thinking Nigel Farage is in any way progressive.

“This is someone who stands by a racist poster he unveiled in 2016 which showed line of refugees with the words ‘breaking point’, who has suggested that immigrants with HIV should not be admitted to the UK, who has said parts of Britain have become ‘like a foreign land’ due to immigration.

“I would urge everyone opposed to racism to join the protest against Farage if they can. We should unite to oppose Nigel Farage’s vision whether we are leave or remain. Unity for us should be the key.”

When he came to Edinburgh in 2013, during the independence referendum campaign, Mr Farage was famously barricaded inside a Royal Mile pub after being surrounded by protesters.

And when he held a rally at the Corn Exchange in 2014, a crowd gathered outside singing protest songs and chanting “Nazi scum” so noisily that the audience struggled to hear what he was saying.

Mr Farage and the Brexit Party have been mocked for charging people attending tonight’s rally £2.50 a head.

Edinburgh Western Lib Dem MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton said: “He must be out of his mind if he thinks citizens of the Capital will be willing to pay to her his narrow-minded, insular world view.”

Tonight’s demonstration is planned for 6.30pm tonight at the Corn Exchange, New Market Road.

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