Anti-independence billboard unveiled outside SNP conference

The poster met SNP delegates arriving at conference
The poster met SNP delegates arriving at conference
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Pro-union campaigners have attempted to hijack events at the SNP conference by unveiling a giant billboard poster outside opposing independence.

The poster calls on the SNP to "change the record" on independence and greeted thousands of delegates arriving at the Nationalists' Autumn conference at the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre.

It was organised by the Scotland in Union campaign whose director Alastair Cameron stepped up calls for Nicola Sturgeon to drop her threats of another referendum and stand up to the supporters demanding she call one.

He said: “We know our First Minister is under pressure this weekend from her party supporters to ramp up the rhetoric on a second referendum that Scotland doesn’t want.

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“For months, she has been like a broken record as she seeks to exploit the Brexit vote and sow more grievance. Rather than the unstoppable demand she predicted, the only consequence of her referendum threats has been more uncertainty and division when we should be focussing on creating jobs, fixing our NHS and delivering the best schools.

“As First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon should stand up for the majority in Scotland, not just SNP activists. She has to put her responsibilities to the country above those of her party.

“Scotland doesn’t want a referendum, it’s time to change the record and get on with the day job of running the country.”