Angus Robertson ‘was told of Alex Salmond concerns by airport staff’

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The SNP's former Westminster leader was made aware of concerns about former First Minister Alex Salmond's behaviour by Edinburgh Airport staff, it has been claimed.

It emerged yesterday that police investigating misconduct claims against the former SNP leader have spoken to staff at the Airport. It centres on concerns raised a decade ago by female employees about Mr Salmond's behaviour.

Alex Salmond denies any misconduct

Alex Salmond denies any misconduct

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The ex-First Minister denies all claims of wrongdoing and no formal complaint was ever raised with airport staff.

Broadcaster Sky News has now claimed that airport officials related their concerns to the former SNP Deputy leader Angus Robertson, who was also leader of the party's Westminster group at the time.

Asked by the broadcaster about what he knew, Mr Robertson said: "There are ongoing processes and... I'm not making any more comment."

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Sky News also revealed that it had approached the SNP about the Edinburgh Airport claims a year ago, but the party did not respond.

Following the Airport revelations yesterday, a party spokesman said: "The SNP will not comment on matters relating to Alex Salmond while police inquiries are ongoing."

The police probe was launched after the force was contacted by the Scottish Government following complaints from two staff members relating to Mr Salmond's conduct during his time as First Minister.

Mr Salmond has launched a legal challenge over the process used by the Scottish Government to investigate the claims against him.

A spokesman for the ex-First Minister said: "Mr Salmond denies all suggestions of misconduct at any time and suggests that everyone should allow police enquires to take their proper course without briefing or breaching their confidentiality.

"Alex has not been interviewed by the police about any matter. He is content to have his case against the Scottish Government stated in the Court of Session in January.”